Wednesday, February 29, 2012

An Update on Desiccated Liver

Today I simply want to update you on my post from last week.

Last week I wrote regarding liver, and a few of it's wonderful health benefits, of which there are many. (And I really wrote about only few. Liver is a super food, and would benefit from a more expansive post.) I then introduced the idea of desiccated liver, and asked for readers thoughts. There are some interesting discussions that were sparked -- you're welcome to go back and read those, and input any thoughts you might have.

My real purpose in writing today is to tell you that I bought some desiccated liver, and have tried it, and wanted to let you know my results.

Again I would like to explain that desiccated liver is exactly what it's name implies: it is simply dried liver that is made into a pill form. No additives, just liver. For my part I can tell you that I could feel a positive difference in my body the very next day after taking it. I must have been low on iron, because I have felt positive, new energy ever since, and I am very grateful.

I do believe that food is the very best way to nourish, and when needed, heal our bodies. If you find yourself unable to stomach other iron options, I can honestly give this one a positive recommendation.


  1. Thank you, Melissa! What brand do you use and what's your source?

  2. Nonie, I just happened to be walking through WholeFoods when I remembered that I wanted to try this form of liver out, so I just got what they had on their shelves. The brand is Solgar, and now that I have done a little more looking this brand has excellent reviews from others who are taking it. I know vitaminshoppe and vitacost both carry this brand. I also saw recently that Radiant Life sells this as well, and they also have excellent reviews. I am planning on trying their brand once more initial bottle has run out.

    From my research I haven't been able to find any dessicated liver but that that comes from Argentinian cattle. Also every brand without fail harvests their liver from grass fed/free range cattle.