Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Liver Liver Everywhere

SourceDoesn't that look yummy? ... ... ...

I have tried to love you, Liver. But to no avail, which is very sad. Liver is an amazing food! Full of vitamin A, and many of the B's, especially B12. (It is high in B6 when it's raw... B6 is highly heat sensitive though, and who wants to eat raw liver?!) Also it is, of course, a most amazing source of iron.

People used to eat liver weekly! Weekly I tell you! I don't know anyone who does that now. I don't even, and I'm a big fan. I have pondered over the idea if the lack of liver on our lives is one of the reasons there has been a stark rise in learning difficulties. There are so many things around us that are constantly affecting our systems, though, so I don't know if my above thought could ever be considered the only reason.

Honestly though, I do strongly believe that what we put into our bodies affects us in a tremendous way -- as I have written before, cognitively, spiritually, and emotionally. Let us not forget the wonderful lesson of Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego in Daniel 1.

Now I've heard of this trick where you soak liver in lemon juice, or apple cider vinegar for a while, and then grind it and mix it with other meats to cook. You can scarcely even tell it's there! I confess, though, I am recently having a hard time getting even this down... To understand why read here.

So really this post is about a question. I know, I ask so many! This is a good one, though:

Does anyone our there have any experience with taking dessicated liver?

I just learned that you can get quality grass-fed beef liver that has been dried, powdered and pilled! I think eating it the old fashioned way is probably the most beneficial way, because I believe food vitamins benefit our bodies most when consumed with other food vitamins. But I think this will do in a pinch.

Women need extra iron, and pregnant women need even more. Thoughts on my new and exciting discovery?


  1. I think there are TONS of plant-based sources of iron, so you could spare yourself. I'm also a firm believer that any food or food plan that people tout must be taken with a grain of salt...the Lord put everything that we needed here on earth, and most of it in a fairly accessible way (peel the food first, etc). If the food is so aversive, then maybe it wasn't meant for our bodies.

    1. I agree there are a lot of other sources of iron in the world than liver. I do think, though, that there is merit to many foods from God that aren't quite palatable. Herbs are a great example of this -- very beneficial, but in many cases they taste like death. There is even a group of plants/herbs referred to as bitters.

      I do like liver for it's high iron content, but also as a great source of Vit. B12, which is not accessible from plant foods.

  2. I don't think it's quite fair to say one food or another is something God doesn't want any person ingesting -- too many diverse cultures on earth for that to be possible. Food is bit subjective to its cultures and individual preferences. But all whole food is inherently good, before being manipulated by humans.

    For my part I'd rather eat liver as an iron source than spirulina or chlorophyll.

  3. Cam and I have used the soaking/blending/mixing method to great success, but I know what you mean -- there does have to be some mind control in order to eat it if one is at all afraid of liver. I imagine that, like most less-palatable foods, it just takes a little practice. After enduring one or two liver-blended meals it becomes much easier. Maybe one day enjoyable!

    Wish I knew anything about the liver capsule option, but I'm afraid I can't contribute any thoughts there!

    Spirulina and chlorophyll are iron options, as well as barley grass. I've been taking barley grass capsules this first postpartum week to help rebuild my blood supply.

  4. Around here, liver enhances the quality of our lives every time we eat it: I have more energy, my skin looks better, I feel nourished. It is one of the greatest power foods the Lord has given us, for the B12 and iron alone! The heme iron in liver is more absorbable than plant-based iron, and keeping your levels up will strongly fortify you against bacterial infections. I echo Melissa's advice to find a way to take it, at least once a month. Marinating it for a little while, grinding it up, and mixing with ground something works great for us. We've eaten lots of dishes this way: meat loaf, sloppy joes, meat sauce for potatoes or pasta, etc.

    I don't think it wise to say that food aversions are a warning sign not to consume. In my first pregnancy, I couldn't think of eating steamed broccoli or scrambled eggs, but I'm hard-pressed to believe those foods wouldn't have benefited my body. In fact, I know they do. Some people hate walnuts, some spinach, some fish, but that doesn't it wasn't meant for our bodies.

    I must say, not everyone has an aversion to liver. My grandfather used to order it every time he went out to eat. It's a staple in the French diet, prepared palatably and to their enjoyment. Perhaps eating it is just a learned art. Now that we've been eating liver for a few years, I can handle raw with my hands without even grimacing. :)

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  6. I grew up eating calves liver at least once a month with my brothers and sisters, around the cool kitchen table, shaped like a boomerang, that my clever father designed and had made to accommodate their 11 children, all at once. My adorable mother dipped that liver in egg and then crackers, and fried it in a pan, often with bacon; then served it a salad and with cooked spinach, which I doused generously with lemon. I really liked this meal. Why I didn't continue it for you all is a mystery... it is one meal I never cooked in their home as I was growing up, and I just forgot about it. But I should have "continued as I began". Perhaps I'll take it up again ... I'll let you know how it goes.
    (We did use ketchup with our liver, but I wouldn't say we doused it :). Ummm! Liver!!!

    Isn't there a song ... 50 ways to love your liver? "you just slip it in a sack, Jack"... "make it with ham, Sam" ... "fry it in eggs Peg" ... just listen to me...

    1. Mom, I love you so much! :) You make me smile everyday.