Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Rube Goldberg and Other Fun Things

Before I got married I worked for a while at a jr. high with special needs teens. (Most of them just had behavioral problems.) For a science class some of my teens were in they were required to work together as a group to make a Rube Goldberg Machine. The machine is named after an American cartoonist, Reuben Goldberg, who would draw elaborate contraptions for getting mundane, everyday things done, such a teeth brushing.

Here is a link to the official Rube Goldberg site where you can see some of his very clever cartoons.

The guys from my school ended up making a contraption, almost entirely out of books, designed to move my water bottle from one place to another. It was awesome!! This is a very fun type of project you can make big or little, and you can do this with kids of all ages. Even adults.

I got thinking about this because of the following fun music video. (I find the band OK Go fun and uplifting, and very entertaining to watch.)



  1. We love Rube Goldberg! Here's another guy who does really fun Rube Goldberg machines, but on a smaller scale:

  2. Thanks Lissa! Maybe designing/building a Rube Goldberg machine would make a fun early labor project.

    1. Do it! You can design something to catch your babe! :D