Tuesday, March 6, 2012

DIY Play Kitchen

For Christmas I gave the boys a play kitchen I put together.  I started with this hutch I found at the thrift store. 
As full disclosure, my friend, Camilla had recently made a kitchen from an almost identical hutch (the above pic is actually hers), so I just used her experience and expertise (and paint) to make a very similar kitchen.
Here is the finished product.  I used a bowl I had for the sink (you could use a dog bowl too), chalkboard paint for the oven "window," hardware from IKEA (the faucet is actually a cupboard handle).  The oven and stove knobs and burners I pried off a mini portable kitchen set I found at a garage sale (Camilla just traced concentric circles for burners and that looks great too). 

  Here's Camilla's kitchen.  Please note the tile backsplash!

Over all it was a really easy project that just took only a few dollars and hours, but we get great use out of it.


  1. Oh, to be Ariel...

    That is just too fun. What a great mindset, always to be thinking, "Wait, couldn't I just make that myself?"

    I want to come play!

  2. Hmmm... this is starting to sound a lot better than the boys sharing my kitchen with me. It seems we put everything back in the cupboards and drawers several times a day!

    This is very impressive to me, Ariel. So colorful and complete!