Friday, May 18, 2012

Spring Surprises

I can see the benefit of buying a house in the spring, but in our experience it's really fun to buy a house in the fall, and see all the surprises spring brings!  The first spring surprise was our amazing azalea bushes.
Next I found that what I had thought were weeds growing all through our grass were, in large part, wild strawberries!  None of them have ripened yet, but they're getting close.  I'm looking forward to trying those, as long as our rabbit friends don't get to them first!

Our most recent surprise were that two big trees in our yard are actually mulberry trees! 
They boys and I had so much fun going out and picking the berries and eating them. 
Usually we ration berries because we're all berry lovers and berries are so expensive.  I love have two full trees of berries that they can eat the berries by the handful. . .

 And they did! 
Apparently Ben was trying to make mulberry juice.
Anyone know any good mulberry recipes?


  1. How lucky! We are also berry rationers. (Sometimes I ration too carefully so they end up going bad before they are eaten!) I wish I knew a good recipe for you --- but I bet they'd be lovely in a green smoothie. By the way, I tried the lemon bar recipe you posted and it turned out fantastic, especially with the yoghurt topping.

    Love those boys!

  2. I have never had a mulberry! Are they tart or sweet? I think we should come visit you in the spring sometime so I can find out...

    Nourishing Traditions has lots of nat-sweetened berry recipes (i.e. berry syrup or preserves, cobblers, muffins, gratin, tarts, ice cream, of course pie, and even berry-cream cheese delight). I bet you could try them out with mulberries.