Wednesday, May 23, 2012

"The Future of Food", A Review

I wasn't going to post, because I'm a little tired, but Nonie's last post got me all fired up! Thanks Nonie!

Having just moved from CA, I had the chance to learn a lot about the initiatives the state is taking to safe guard consumers rights to know what they are taking into their bodies. I applaud them!

To be honest with you, it took me a long time to really understand what was really so bad about GM (genetically modified) foods. It's just food, right? (Hah! Sometimes my former ignorance makes me want to vomit a little...)

The list Nonie put in her last post is very informative as to what really is so dangerous about those food items, and I thought herein I would put a bug in your ear of a good place to look for more information: a fantastic documentary called "The Future of Food".

I liked this documentary because the documentarists, (is that a word?) don't just tell you the foods are bad -- anyone can spout an opinion, right? These people actually take you in depth, very in depth, into the science behind how the concept of GM foods came about, how the idea for GM foods has evolved since that time, and what scientist originally thought of the idea, before it became what it is now. They take you into actual world conferences where scientists discussed these organisms before they were unleashed on the public.

The information I found in this movie was surprising, and, yes, sort of frightening. Martin Luther King said, though, that discomfort is good when it leads to positive change, so I recommend this movie to you.

Have any of you seen it already? What are your thoughts on it?

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  1. Thanks, Melissa. I look forward (I think) to seeing that film. Our family has appreciated learning more about the origins and impacts of our American diet by watching two other films: Forks over Knives, and Food, Inc. Their messages are as applicable today as they were a couple of years ago when they were made. And the truth really does free us to live better. Thanks to all of you for a timely, informative blog!