Wednesday, May 16, 2012

EASY Smooth Applesauce (with peels)

Have you made your own applesauce? I doubt we'd ever eat it if I didn't make it. And I bet I might not make it if it were too complicated. But happily, it's no trouble at all! No strainers, fancy food processors, upright blenders, or mixing bowl attachments necessary. Just the ever-handy hand blender. (If you don't have one yet, fit it into next month's budget. It's one of the most useful gadgets in my kitchen.)

INGREDIENTS, somewhat vague (because it really doesn't matter)
Lots of Apples, sliced
Some Lemons, quartered
Plenty of Cinnamon
A Bit of Water

STEP 1: Get a wagonload of apples. I usually get mine in bulk from Azure Standard.

STEP 2: Remove stickers and wash if necessary. Slice around core. I like to see the inside of each apple to ensure freshness.

These are sliced thin, but I have also sliced them much thicker
with no resulting difference except time saved.

STEP 3: Throw slices into stockpot. Add some quartered lemons into the mix and douse with cinnamon. Add just a bit of water to cover the bottom of the pot (apples will also release moisture).

I recently tried using a few cinnamon sticks in place of powder.
There were tiny bits that wouldn't blend smooth at the end,
but I thought the result was tastier. 

STEP 4: Cover and steam until apples are quite soft. Drain as needed. Remove lemon quarters.

I did not drain any liquid from this particular pot and the applesauce was a little soupy.
Still good though.

At times, I have left bits of lemon peel in for the blend. :)

STEP 5: Pull out the trusty mixeur plongeant as we called it in Belgium, and blend until smooth.

You'll smile knowing those peels are in there,
but I bet you won't notice them.

The whole family will enjoy this treat. It's great on its own, but it's also a fun way to flavor plain yogurt or top off waffles or pancakes.


  1. Amazing Nonie! I waas wondering YESTerday if there is an easy way to make applesauce. Could you then spread it out in the dehydrator for some apple fruit leather?

    1. Yes! I bet that would be delicious. Let me know. ;)

  2. I've tasted Nonie's cinnamon applesauce, and it's delish! What apples work the best do you think?

    1. Hmmm... I've used many different kinds, even in combination sometimes. If you use a very tart apple, you might like a little added maple syrup or rapadura. I find most apples don't need it though. My latest batch was Fujis, and they were just scrumptious.