Friday, March 16, 2012

Marshall Family Vision, Mission and Values

I was talking to a friend today about our family Mission, Vision and Values statement.  I said I would send it to her, and I thought it might be helpful as a sort of a template for other families interested in doing the same thing but aren't sure where to start.  Sorry, some of you have seen this before.

Marshall Family Vision
We, the Marshall family, envision ourselves in the presence of Heavenly Father and the Savior with clean hands and pure hearts, able to enter His presence worthily along with our extended family and others we love.
Photo Credit: Hannah Galli
Marshall Family Mission
We will reach our lofty vision by embracing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, loving Him and our neighbor, preaching the Restoration, linking generations through temple work, helping the poor, and making and honoring temple covenants. 

We will act as good stewards over our children, those who we are called to serve, our time, our resources, our bodies, and the earth. 

We will seek to recognize the power of the Atonement and remember Him in all of our thoughts, words, and actions.

Marshall Family Values
The Marshall Family Values will serve as the inner drive for the execution of the activities delineated in the mission statement.
Further Light and Knowledge

Above all we know that only through the grace of Christ can we achieve our vision.

Operating Plan (this is something we review in conjunction with our weekly planning sessions and goal-setting)
The Marshall’s will have a house of order (scheduling, finances, rules, cleanliness)
The Marshall’s will have a life of refinement (culture, entertainment, literature, theater, music, education, art, knowledge)
The Marshall’s will have a healthy lifestyle (bedtime, awake time, play time, exercise time, healthy food time)
The Marshall’s will have a spiritual foundation (scriptures, temple, prayer, church service, missionary work)
The Marshall’s will have a life of service (to neighbors, ward members, friends, family, world) 

Every week we review long and short term goals we make that specify how to carry out our operating plan.  I love having a vision, mission and values statement.  It is something we can rely on in our family, and it's a measuring stick for the physical objects we want to bring into our home, the media we consume, and the activities we participate in.


  1. I love this Ariel. What a wonderful family you are... not just because you have things like this written down on paper, but because you actually act upon them. I want my family to be like yours! Writing down values and planning the week around them seems like a great way to start.

  2. I was impressed with this the first time I read it on your blog. I love the addition of the concrete Operating Plan! I will be keeping this in mind.

  3. Great ideas! I love having things so laid out, it really helps with the execution! What an amazing family!

  4. I love this, too! :) Very nice! Good reminders...and good examples! :)