Monday, March 26, 2012

A Dynamic Duo (and a Deal!)

It all started with a magazine article my Mom saw at a local farmer’s market in Salt Lake City. The cover picture immediately caught my attention, depicting a happy family, a chicken, a smashed TV, and the banner “Rage Against Conformity” hanging behind their smiling faces. My mom shared the article with me at the right time. I was trying to live more conscientiously and sustainably. Over the course of the following month I became an ardent fan of Amy Thompson, aka Progressive Pioneer. I sent her an email thanking her for sharing her example of a life I aspired to.

We began communicating and eventually Andrew wrote a story about her work for the Mormon Times. The evening of the interview we found that Andrew and I had a lot in common with Amy and Clay (her husband). Soon we found ourselves enjoying time together up at the cabin, in a preschool co-op, taking birthing classes, and having dinners together. With the exception of my Mom, Amy has done more to shape my philosophy on health, parenting, and creating than anyone else. She and Clay are people who live the ODL mission, doing little things every day that affect the big picture for the betterment of the earth, their children, and themselves.

While Amy blogs, Clay is busy with artwork and running Ivory Bill where he works as a carpenter. Among other things, he draws individual and family portraits—art with a unique, personable feel. His pieces have amazing detail, enhanced with a memorable quirk--like watching a colorful film with witty dialogue. They have a new great deal where you can get these terrific two-toned individual portraits for $100, and you can get an additional ten percent off if you mention this post!
Check out Clay's illustration page on Facebook!
You can also order one of these amazing family portraits.  See here for pricing.


  1. Thanks for this great post Ariel! How crazy that our friendship all started with a little email:)

  2. Nice post. I do love that family portrait with the chicken and plants growing through the TV. Great likeness!

  3. This art work is beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. I want one! But maybe I should wait until Peter develops a little more personality...