Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Version Homemade Gatorade

A few weeks ago I read this recipe for homemade all natural gatorade, which really is just a sugary drink with electrolytes in it. (Electrolytes are minerals, such as sodium, which help our body maintain the proper fluid balance. They actually aide our body in water absorption.) Then last week my poor little family went through the worst stomach flu I've ever experienced. Poor little Geo had it first, then I started about an hour after him... *sigh* Watching your child be sick is quite possibly the hardest part of parenting at this stage.

Nursing, being pregnant, and being sick, I was so parched! So I ventured some water... which didn't really go over well. Luckily I remembered the most important parts of the recipe for the gatorade, and had Joe help me make some sometime around 4:30am. You may not believe it, but it was like a magical cure! I really can't tell you how immediately refreshing it was. And the best part: it didn't even try to come back up! It felt like a miracle.

The recipe as I made it:
4 cups of water
3 lemons juiced
1/4-1/2 tsp sea salt (don't try this with regular table salt, they aren't synonymous. Their differences would make and excellent blog topic...)

Mix and sip.

And that's all I did. I remembered that the original recipe called for honey, but I'm not really a honey and lemon person. My husband thought I was going to be able to taste the salt, but with the lemon, I couldn't taste it at all actually.

So if you or your family are ever sick, remember relief isn't all that difficult.


  1. Thanks, Melissa! Isn't lemon amazing? I'm sure the salt helped too...

    I'm glad you're feeling better. What a yucky thing to happen to such nice people. :(

    1. The salt is part of the magic for sure! With the sodium and all of the many naturally occurring trace minerals in sea salt, it definitely aids the body in absorbing water. Which is so important when one is sick!

  2. the one that they give you at the hospital is 1 Qt of boiled water, 1 tsp salt, 8t sugar. It can be absorbed more easily than the store stuff! You can use raw sugar too!!!!