Friday, March 29, 2013

Sweatshirt Repurpose 3 Ways

 I had a lightweight sweatshirt that got too old to wear.  I'm always looking for ways to re-use things, and ways to save money, so I came up with three quick projects!
I first made the baby skirt using the bottom hem of the sweatshirt, and a bright shoelace from the dollar store.  An elastic would have worked just as easily.  This is a good basic tutorial, using an elastic.  I used my awesome sewing machine (yay, Craigslist!) to make some simple button holes for the shoelaces to come out.
Next I made some PJ pants for my boys to share.  It really shows off their skinny legs :)  I used the sleeves and just sewed them together using a pair of their PJ pants as a guide.  I opted for the other shoelace, again instead of elastic (but I just found some great cheap elastic at Dollar General!).  There are lots of tutorials on turning sleeves into pants. It's a very fast, rewarding project.
And finally, I made a little flower headband for Evelyn with the scraps.  For the headband, I took three pieces about 1" wide, loosely braided them, and sewed the ends together.  There are lots of ways to do the flower, but I basically followed this tutorial, and hot glued it on the headband over the seam.

What's your favorite way to upcycle your used clothing?


  1. Those ideas are so clever! Wish my sowing machine hadn't died... Can I ask how much you found yours for on craigslist?

    And p.s., that baby girl is just yummy. I cant wait to meet her!!

  2. I love that, Ariel. I have a big pile of fabric from old clothes to repurpose, and haven't known what to do with it, which is probably why I haven't made time to try something. Your projects turned out so cute! Thanks for the ideas.

  3. You are just too brilliant. Who's up for some east-coast sewing lessons?! Wish we lived closer.

    1. I'd love too!! Who'll pay for the tickets? ;)

  4. So inspiring - way to go Ariel! Thinking of you and the cherry blossoms lately. Wish we were there.

  5. What a go getter, creator, energetic recycler!

    I do love your model. She is a perfect doll. I held her just this morning. Ah, little Eve.

    Ariel, I wonder if you get more done in a day than I do in 246 of them. Your home is full of these kinds of resourceful, workable, beautiful accomplishments. What a joy to be there!