Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dinner Prep Tip: Veggis

We eat lots of vegetables in our house, though, we could always do better. And you know what usually takes the longest for me at dinner prep? Cutting up those veggis...

So in an effort to have dinner ready at a more reasonable hour, I have started cutting veggis during nap time.

Because naps are over at 3, usually, cutting the veggis at around 2:30 doesn't leave them cut, but uncooked, long enough for them to dry into grossness.

I find when there are a lot of steps to a given dinner, taking time to do as many steps as I can here and there throughout the day, makes the actual cooking time less stressful.

Being in the "prep" mindset allows me to make meals that are more digestible, and nutritious for my family, in a more time economical way -- time economical = less stress. For me. Sometimes prep work is done the day of a given meal, sometimes a few days in advance i.e. soaking grains, or flour; sprouting nuts, seeds, and beans; fermenting a side veggi, etc.

What have you found to save you time in the kitchen, while not letting nutrition fall to the wayside?

And here's a bonus:

The clothes are a little big for him, so they make him look super skinny. He is on the leaner side than George was at this age, for sure -- though, he is super long...


  1. A great tip. I usually have to steal nap time to grade papers (or shower in dire circumstances). But I must say I am a pretty quick chopper as a result!

    We're great about getting our veggies in at dinner time; my goal is to start using them more during the rest of the day!

    1. That is where I need more improvement too!

    2. Actually, I do pretty well at eating peppers during the day. And cabbage... I need to branch out.

  2. It's so true, Melissa. If I don't start prepping at nap (since I usually teach in the afternoon), I'm in big stress come dinner.

    Veggies can take forever. I try to chop like Colette in Ratatouille. :)

  3. Chopping is definitely the lengthiest part of dinner prep for me. I have to give myself quite a bit of time to prepare dinner. I'm trying to learn the best tools for chopping so I can save time- the right kind of knives, when to use the tiny food processor or little hand held Pampered Chef chopper, etc.