Friday, August 10, 2012

Happy Family Day!

Happy Family Day, everyone!  Yesterday we celebrated our 6th Anniversary, and for us that means FAMILY DAY!  It's a party my boys look forward to all year (I love having only to please very young children :)).  A few years ago, Andrew and I realized that although our anniversary is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate our love and marriage, which is definitely worth celebrating (don't worry, we have a fun date planned for this weekend), the day we were married was also the start of our family, which also merits a party!

Here's how to celebrate Family Day:

1. Look forward to it, and talk it up for a long time (as many months as possible).
2. Listen to party music
3. Eat "party food" for dinner (thanks, TJ's).
4. Over dinner, talk about how you have the best family in the world
5. Open a new board game.
6. Play your new board game!
7. As you accumulate board games and have kids who can stay up, you can play all the games you have, all night long!

One of the reasons I love this tradition is it helps define us as a "board game family" (as opposed to a movie or video game family), and we can build up our collection of games.  We bought Candyland this year.  I know it kind of goes against all my food philosophy, but it's so charming, and I found the same old-school version I grew up with at a local consignment shop.  Last year we got Playground, which we have really loved. It's a get-up-and-move game.  Others I was considering for preschool age were: Hungry Hungry Hippos (but I decided against it because those little balls would get all over my house, although there is a travel version), and Chutes and Ladders.  None of these games require reading.

What are your favorite games for young children?  Anyone tried Hi Ho Cherry-O?


  1. We really love "Cookin' Cookies" by Fundex. (Again, perhaps not the best real-food example, but it really is fun!). It's so simple that my daughter has been playing since she was 2, yet it's still fun enough for me to enjoy playing over and over and over again.

  2. P.S. The rules of Cookin' Cookies state that all players "bake" at the same time, but we have a house rule to take turns... less chaos, and good practice for, well, taking turns!

  3. What a great idea! I think we will establish a Nelson "Family Day" too, but maybe on our half-anniversary since our anniversary is 3 days after Christmas. I wouldn't want anything to overshadow Christmas!

    I loved Pick-up Sticks as a little girl, Chutes and Ladders, Candyland, Picture Picture (for kids who can write), and definitely Hungry Hungry Hippos.

    Love the idea of establishing yourselves as a board game family.

  4. I loved loved loved Chinese checkers, even when I was little. You still have the problem with all the little balls everywhere though. We also played Monopoly, but on teams so the youngers got paired with an older.

    I love this tradition, by the way. I was telling some of my friends about it the very day you posted this :)

  5. Such a fun tradition! We like to celebrate our anniversary with family activities, too. Last year, Keenan planned a big camping road trip all around California for our 5-year anniversary. I love your Family Day idea.

    I have very fond memories of "Picture Picture" (I forgot that, Meredith!). I wish I could remember all the games we loved as kids, and I wish I was more up-to-date on the new, fun games. Keenan loved Candyland, Chutes & Ladders, Operation, and Pictionary. He said he loved being a guesser in Pictionary, even as a little kid. Sammy is currently enjoying Sorry, Memory, and Slap Jack (though that's not a board game, I know).

    We thought of you guys all day on Family Day. Happy Anniversary!!

  6. Hi Ho Cherry O is so fun, my kids love it!

  7. I know I'm a little late commenting, but I LOVED this post! This is such a great idea. And I loved playing Hi Ho Cherry O as a kid! Penguin Pileup is a fun one and it doesn't get much better than Candyland! I can't wait to do this with my own family.