Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Post for the Men in Our Lives

I've mentioned before how much I love this Katy lady. She writes a lot of useful things to help women with issues that believe it or not, stem from a misaligned body.

I love her so much I signed up on a mailing list to receive her blog posts in my in-box. That's saying a lot, because I'm a little fanatical about keeping my in-box clean.

Anyway, Katy's posts, as it turns out, are not limited to women and ways to keep our bodies from falling apart! I always knew that they were full of information, which if implemented, would help literally every person who tried. I found this post very interesting because she directly addresses some male issues -- the comment section is interesting as well. I wanted to put a link in this post because I know we all, whether male or female, have men in our lives we love. Perhaps it could help someone. I know Katy has really helped me change some things in my life, (I am 8 1/2 months pregnant, and haven't had incontinence issues in this pregnancy... That's only one of many things that has improved in my recent life) and I am very grateful for the physical changes I've seen and felt as a result of following her advice. She's amazing!

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  1. Amen! Katy has changed my life. (And would have changed it even more by now if I did everything she recommends). She really opened my eyes and is revolutionizing my health.

    Thanks, Melissa, for introducing me to her a year ago. I'll always be grateful.