Friday, April 27, 2012


We've been pretty busy around here!  We've almost finished re-doing our basement playroom!  It's been really fun.  Once it's all complete, I'll post pictures.  Somehow it's involved a lot of sewing, which has been really fun.

I'm just a budding seamstress, so I started with the most basic project and am working toward more complicated ones.  One I finished was sewing these pillow covers.  I didn't find any tutorial I really liked, so I kind of made it up.   If anyone is interested in a tutorial, I'd be happy to write one up.
Here are some other projects I'm working on, with links to the tutorials. 

Hanging book display
Ikea has cheap double railing brackets, and wooden dowels can be found at any hardware or craft store.
Bean Bag Chair
There are a few tutorials out there, here, here (with printable pattern), and here.  I think I'm going to try this one because I like the four panels.  I'm going to try to enlarge the picture and trace it on the computer, wish me luck!

I'll hopefully be posting the results of all these projects in a week or two!


  1. I love this post! Are you really making a bean bag chair? That is amazing! Please post again about how that goes. I wonder if I could make that...

  2. What amazing ambition you have Ariel! After almost every one of your posts I find myself sighing, "Maybe someday I can learn to do that..."

    The bean bag chair is a great idea, because they are so expensive to buy! And your pillows are adorable.

    My sisters and I were musing the other day about how somehow you came out knowing how to do hair (fancy french braids, etc.), and none of us did. For my part, I think the reason is that I'm not patient enough to learn/practice. These projects show that patience is one of your gifts!

  3. Fun ideas, Ariel. Thanks! Can't wait to have a little sewing space so I can follow your lead.