Thursday, December 26, 2013

Kids Choice Day

We made up a new holiday today.  It's called "Kids' Choice Day" and takes place the day after Christmas.  Today was a trial run, and we all rated it a smashing success!  It came about because of my thinking about how we need to be better about playing with our children, and letting them take the lead on play more often.  Here's how it works:

Kid's Choice Day


  • The family needs to stick together
  • There is a set budget 
  • All the kids need to be in agreement
  • The kids get to choose what the family does all day!
  • The grown-ups can't be involved in the decision-making unless requested
We had a blast.  The kids watched a couple cartoons in the morning (including watching UNICEF's Global Handwashing Dance three times--a family classic), then we went to the awesome College Park Aviation Museum for the rest of the morning.

 From there, we went to the park to try out our new Christmas scooters.
Next up on their list was Chuck e Cheese.  Where in the world did they even hear about it?  Well, we stuck to our guns and didn't use veto power.  But we kept it short and only spent $5, and they seemed to have a good time.  We were too embarrassed to take pictures.

Then we came home and had pizza and watched Fantasia and read books.  We all had a great time, and it's something that they'll definitely be looking forward to for next year.  After all, it's the only other day besides their birthday when they don't have to do ANY jobs!  For us, it was fun to have a relaxed vacation day, where we were not in charge of entertaining, and the kids liked talking with each other about the plan and informing us.  


  1. Love it. Definitely will implement it when I have bigger (and more) kids!

  2. Love this! What a great idea.and good for you not vetoing. It is something we need to work on here. (Don't think we're horrible!)

  3. What a happy idea! Can I be in your family if I be the kid?

  4. What an awesome idea! I am dying at the thought of your family at Chuck E Cheese. It just doesn't seem like your style, but what can you do? It's that place where a kid can be a kid. It's in their DNA or something - they are hardwired to be obsessed with Chuck E Cheese.

  5. Such a fun idea, and so sad I have to wait a whole year to do it with our kids! It's especially fitting for the day after Christmas, which is so heavily anticipated, then gone in a short day's time.

    You two come up with such great ways to celebrate family. I love it.

    1. Try it in Salt Lake with all the cousins for New Years! Even if only for a few hours.


  7. So fun. Just found this via Celeste's blog. Unfortunately we too are embarking upon Chuck E Cheese tomorrow...with the help of the Grandparents. :)