Sunday, December 8, 2013

How to De-Seed Your Pomegranate in 30 Seconds

I love pomegranate season. Our California trees are laden heavy with fruit, begging to be eaten yet simultaneously defying us to try to pick all those scrumptious, nutritious, versatile little seeds from their insides. Only the most patient among us can win, right?

Not anymore!!

Up until recently, I used to boast that the ultimate way to de-seed a pomengranate was to dismantle it in a bowl of water: the seeds sink, the membrane floats. No juicy mess! Yes!

And NO FUN! And still soooo LONG.

May I present an infinitely better technique? (If you already know about this and didn't ever tell me, you are in big trouble.) We have been eating so many more pomegranates these last weeks for the ease of it. The bowl of water method doesn't even hold a candle!

Items Needed
wooden spoon

STEP 1: Score pomegranate with a knife, about 1/8" deep.

STEP #2: Twist apart to open the fruit.

STEP #3: Loosen the membranes a little by gently pulling back around the edges with your thumbs. If you do this too hard, you could crack the fruit (the technique will still work, but might be messier).

STEP #4: Turn upside-down and whap it hard with a wooden spoon, rotating the fruit in your palm as you strike. Smile.

Demonstration video:

The video cut off just before I finished, but it literally takes seconds to strike out all the seeds (see here or here for extra proof). Behold the finished product:

STEP #5: Gobble down those precious seeds so you can have another whack at it!

Happy smacking! May it make your holidays a little brighter and a little tastier.


  1. Yay!! I was thinking about this at the grocery store today, staring longingly at the pomegranates. Thank you so much for posting this!

  2. I'm guilty of using the bowl of water method, as recently as last week! Thanks Nonie, now I need to go buy some pomegranates!

    p.s. I was just wondering about pesticide use on pomegranates, wondering if they are worth buying non-organic, and found this great article:

    1. Thanks for sending that along, Meredith. Very informational.

    2. Lucky for me, our Farmer's Market is teeming with them, and every other house on our block seems to have one as well... Too bad Johnny Pomegranate-seed missed our house!

  3. I have a pomegranate just waiting to be smacked! Thanks!