Friday, December 21, 2012

Yet Another Update on Dessicated Liver

I began taking dessicated liver when I was pregnant with baby number 2. (Oh man, is he just the cutest giggly little man ever!) The results were amazing! I felt energized in a way that I hadn't for quite sometime, and if I missed a day I could feel my energy level waning.

At about month number 7 of my pregnancy, I was again feeling sluggish. I attributed this to being so late in my pregnancy -- it happens. You get tired when you are so suddenly, you know, 30 lbs. larger than you normally are. One day as I was talking to my midwife about the supplements I was taking she mentioned that it might be a good time for me to go off the liver pills. Being the proponent that I am for liver, I was bowled over at the suggestion. But here is her wisdom behind the suggestion: Many maladies in our body can be healed by ingesting that part of the body; eyes for eyes, livers for livers, kidneys for kidneys, glands for glands (i.e. adrenal gland), ligaments etc. When ingesting glands, known in natural health as glandulars, one must be careful to not take the substance for too long, or the body, after repairing their damaged whatever it was, will register too much of the organ and begin to tear away what it had been repairing.

I had been taking the liver for about 5 months, my midwife told me that glandulars usually are not ingested for over 3 months. Liver is not technically a glandular, she hypothesized, though, that it could have the same affect on the body. Oops!! Don't worry, my liver is still in great shape -- the body heals very quickly when proper measures are taken. I stopped taking the liver capsules and felt immediate improvement. (Life lesson? Too much of a good thing?)

On the up and up, I have been able to resume EATING liver, and have been feeling great postpartum. I still recommend it at least once a month, if not twice a month... and slip it into your relatives meals during the holidays.

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  1. Interesting! (Sorry I only am getting around to commenting now). It makes sense, and I'm glad at least that you started feeling better.