Friday, December 30, 2011

Who's With Me?

I have a very short-term New Years resolution.  I am going to go off sugar from January 1st to February 14th, Valentine's Day.  Just a month and a half, but it's going to feel really good.  I've gotten too used to a little "somefin-sumfin" when the boys go down for quiet time, and it's a habit I'm anxious to break. 

So, who's with me?  I always do better when I know that other people are in it with me and expecting me to hold my own.  

Everyone can define "off sugar" for themselves.  It might simply mean no desserts, or no refined sugar, or no sugar or sweetener of any kind. 

If you're "in," just leave a comment!  You can do it!

Good luck, I'm pretty excited!


  1. Lover, I am with you. As long as you stick with your rule about defining "off sugar" for myself. Because let's face it, M&M's are not sugar--they are glory.

  2. I told Talmage last night that, I mainly didn't want to contrubute to eating up a package full of cookies and goods we got for Christmas. He asked me if it was because I read this. I hadn't yet. So I am ubstaining from surgar for a while as well.

  3. I'm with you Ariel! I shouldn't be eating any processed sugar ANYway for baby's sake --- and I've had too much in the last couple of weeks.

    This will take me right up to his due date (and I might as well extend it until he's born). I'm glad we're in this together!

  4. Well . . . .Dad and I are going without sugar Monday through Saturday, and having a sweet Sunday option. But we're vegan Monday through Thursday. Can we use that for extra credit? Bravo for your goal!

  5. "Off" has become a way of life for us, and we're all quite happy with it. You go girls!