Friday, December 16, 2011

Mitten Follow Up

Done.  That was so fast!  If you're looking for the easiest possible sweater project, look no further.  Trace a hand on an old sweater, taking advantage of the hem (remember to trace them on the inside of the sweater!), sew around it (with a little room to grow), and cut it out!  You could even sew it by hand if you don't have a sewing machine.  Just make sure the opening is big enough to put the hand through, that's the only place the baby mittens were a little tight.

I'm definitely hooked on sewing.


  1. Wow, amazing! What great ideas!!!

  2. One year not too long ago, my parents gave my older brothers all kinds of cool camping gear for Christmas. I was really excited to open my present after seeing all that camping gear popping out... and tried to look excited when mine turned out to be a sewing machine.

    Now I know Mom had mine (and my future family's) best interest in mind, and now I can say I'm glad I own a sewing machine! But I still need to learn how to use it. (It's too fancy.) I can't count the number of sewing lessons/classes I have taken in my life, and for the life of me can never remember how to do it.

    Thanks for giving me a little motivation Ariel! You are a real go-getter.