Sunday, April 6, 2014

Start Planning Easter!

Easter is right around the corner. With it comes great potential for deepening your family's relationship with Jesus Christ and better understanding his great mission.

Last year I wrote a review of a fabulous guide for celebrating a Christ-centered Easter. If you haven't already, you might consider purchasing the book* for the upcoming Holy Week. (I included several ideas from the book in the original post.)

Even with last-minute planning and a husband out of town, I was able to try many of the ideas and activities with my young sons last year. We all enjoyed it and felt closer to each other and to our Savior. We read scriptures, stories, discussed the events of each day of the week, learned about the customs and rituals of the Jews, listened to sacred music, acted out events and parables, made the food of the time, and even had delicious sole and honeycomb for our simple Easter dinner (which I liked preparing so much more than the leg of lamb I did a previous year!). Yet we barely scratched the surface of this book.

What about conventional Easter celebrations? We completely left them out (my kids had never heard of the Easter bunny, so they weren't left wondering). Our week involved so many interesting activities, I don't feel we missed out. This year we might color eggs and have a basket hunt on Saturday the 12th (the day before Palm Sunday) as a celebration of spring and precursor to the true Easter festivities. (I like the idea of doing this on the first day of spring, but we were out of town that week and couldn't swing it.)

Making unleavened bread

After the holiday last year, I followed up with the author about the book review post, and she shared a few other ideas they have implemented since publishing their book. From Janet Hales:
How did your Easter turn out?  Easter day is my favorite -- the compilation of everything we have done and thought of during the week.  We have added two things to our family worship that have been very significant for me: on Saturday, those who can, attend the Temple, to help in the vicarious work now afforded us.  This is such a meaningful activity to me.  On Sunday, those who wish give an "Easter Offering" they have been independently working on throughout the week.  One year I wrote a Psalm of praise, this year it was free verse about Living Water; Joe wrote a lovely piece about "Why Is this Night different than all other nights?" (A question from the script of the Passover Dinner), Kate sang "I Stand All Amazed."  Years ago, one of our young boys had made an "empty tomb" out of Lego.  This was really a reverent and beautiful part of our ending devotional this year.  
The book contains such an abundance that you'll already have to pick and choose, but you might also find yourself thinking of things on your own. Whatever you do, make a plan ahead of time that will work for your family and above all, enjoy this beautiful Easter season! Please share how it turns out.

*No, I'm not getting any kickbacks. ;)


  1. I really should check it out this year! Peter is old enough now I thinks some of it wold register. Thanks for re-sharing!

  2. Thanks for helping me think of this, Nonie!

  3. Thanks for posting this! I haven't forgotten about the first post you did on it, but I still haven't gotten the book! I need to do that...

    My mom sent me this, which is another great resource while studying about Easter: