Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My Little Thing

So you know we don't use couches or chairs in our house, and you know why.  You know we wear funny shoes (or often none at all.  I need to write a follow-up post on my shoe wardrobe 3 years later.)

You probably think, "man this is a girl who lives her truth."

Ha!  Gotcha.

I really let "things" get in the way of doing the important stuff.  Like my little "thing," Peter, who interfered so much with doing my exercises every morning that I didn't do them regularly... for like a year.  Even though I knew how much they had revolutionized my postpartum life.  (Another post another time on my experience working with Restorative Exercise specialist and PT Susan McLaughlin, and on reading Katy Bowman's blog.  Though you've heard about them in the above-linked posts).

Well last week I decided Peter would no longer stop me!  I made this time-lapse to prove it.  (One photo per second.)  Enjoy.

At second :22 notice the repeated double-kick in the face.  I admit I cut my spinal twist short!


  1. Hilarious, amazing, watched it 10 times. I love you both

  2. Homegirl, you DO live your truth.

  3. Julia is so right, Homegirl! The boys loved this video so much. I need to follow your example!! Lend me some of your motivation?? This kind of family stretch time would be a great time user with these crazy boys, and it is so good for,us all! I'll do it today. Thanks for the motivation, Meredith.

  4. Oh that's so funny! I hope that's so affirming to you to see! It surely feels like that, so it's nice for me to see, "yeah, it really is that crazy!" Good work for giving it a go!

  5. As a mommy with a 3 year old and 7 week old I SO get this. I laughed so hard I cried, and then watched it again! Excellent selection of music to go with it too.

  6. This is hilarious. :) Love it.

  7. Came over from Katy's blog... you go girl! This is totally my life every morning as well (with a 10-month-old). She also thinks that psoas release time is "open bar" if you get my drift ;) lol!