Wednesday, October 23, 2013

GMO Labeling: An Update and a Plea

A year ago this week, I did a post on California's Prop 37, aimed at requiring the labeling of genetically-modified organisms in our food. Narrowly, the proposition failed, thanks to a ruthless ad campaign by the opposition, who collectively donated $46 million to confuse voters and ensure its defeat. I was sad about all the misinformation that was propagated during that time.

Since then, MaineConnecticut, and Vermont have passed labeling laws, joining 64 other countries around the world.

Now the state of Washington is fighting the good fight for GMO labeling with ballot initiative 522, coming up for vote next month. As with Prop 37, recent polls show that the gap between Yes and No voters is narrowing, due again to an influx of advertising cash from the opposition.

Right now, Dr. Bronner's and Nutiva are TRIPLING donations made to FoodDemocracyNow! on behalf of I-522. Will you contribute to this cause? Even just $5.22? If you can't afford to donate but still want to help, now is a great time to make calls to voters to help educate them on this issue.

Truth be told, I am generally in favor of less regulation, not more. And there are other ways to make it happen. The Non-GMO Project is a good start. Whole Foods Market is requiring labeling in their stores by 2018. Other stores and companies are refusing to include GMOs in their products as well. I couldn't applaud them more loudly! But allowing states to legislate on this issue resonates with my strong desire to stand up to the wealthy food bullies, who, in my opinion, are good stewards of neither earth nor body.

A win in Washington is a win for all of us. So I just donated what I could. Will you?

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  1. This is a great cause to support. We just donated. I can see you running some kind of nonprofit that fights for these causes, Skones. You should.