Friday, August 2, 2013

The Evidence

Take one step inside my house, and there's no question it's a house full of kids.  Most of the time it's really obvious, as the evidence looks something like this:
But if you look a little harder, you might find evidence that looks more like this: 

Some days all I do is clean up after my kids--or harder still--try to get them to clean up after themselves.  Those days, when perspective is dimmed by the din, a whale in the flowers is just another frustration.  Being a mom of young kids is a crazy job that's more than full-time. It's just more than one person can really handle and stay completely sane, clean and happy the whole time (Abraham just came in yelling, "Ben is stuck in the tree again!"). I try to remind myself that on the timeline of life, no matter how long you live, the season of having very young children is a short one.
And that a toy in the cupboard is a surprise friend.
And that soon enough I won't have little boys in rain boots and underwear running around outside.

If I can remember the present, and how fleeting this stage of sweet littleness is, I can laugh more often and love more easily.


  1. Lovely thought, and good for me to remember too. I think the trickiest time in life to manage must be this one, when the children are all too young to help effectively and care for themselves. So parents have to do quintuple duty. And then some.

    Apparently, "science" is showing the same truth you learned intuitively: that almost without exception, focusing on the present brings the greatest happiness. Did you see this TED talk?

    1. Yes, I saw it. I really loved it, and I find myself thinking about it a lot.

  2. I'll have to watch that one! True thoughts Ariel. I often feel relief when I realize the young children phase won't be very long in the grand scheme of things, and then I also feel a renewed desire to cherish this time.

    You do your job so beautifully.

    I LOVE that picture of Ben.

  3. I just love this post. Love it, love it, love it. My girls are so wise. Living in the moment with little ones is not easy, but it is SO happy when you do it... for everyone. Ariel, Nonie, Melissa, and Meredith you are so good at being attentive to the details of the moment, and appreciating your little ones in the busiest moments.

    What a great shot of Benjamin, who never fails to make me smile. (Its so easy when you are "Grandmama" :)

  4. I wrote about similar feelings I was having as George was becoming so proficient at pulling things out of drawers. Sigh, this evidence is abundant in our house as well. I CRAVE a clean living space, but for the fun of life, must remind myself to be content with a less than moderately clean living space...

    The other day Joe and I were laughing about how I get our laundry clean, but for some reason it never stays put away ha ha ha :) Kids in piles of clothes makes a cute picture, at least.

  5. Beautifully written and photographed. Woody seems to find his way into all kinds of fun places. Maybe he really does move around when no one is looking.

    You have a beautiful life with my beautiful nephews and niece, even with all the cleaning and flower whales. What a good perspective you have, and somehow you still manage to accomplish all kinds of crafty endeavors evident from other posts. Keep on inspiring us :)