Monday, August 26, 2013

A Nice Sunday App

I try not to let Peter have much time on my tablet (he only really got interested about 2-3 weeks ago).  But I found an app that I really love for quiet Sunday time: a sing-along of LDS Primary hymns.

The music is tastefully arranged and sung, and is accompanied by photos of happy faces and pretty nature scenes that a child can flip through while singing along.  Words are displayed for those who can read, but Peter likes to listen and watch, while I sing.  Older children can sing along, either because they already know the words or can read them.  I've learned a few new primary songs myself this week, by singing along!

Once a song is over it automatically moves on to the next song, so it could be used as background music for a Sunday afternoon as well.

There is a free version with twenty or so songs, and then a (rather expensive) version you can buy.  I splurged.
I love so many of the primary hymns!  They can bring peace, simplicity, and clarity to a child's life.


  1. We downloaded this right after I read this post. Both of my boys loved it! We listened for probably an hour today. Thanks for the suggestion!

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    1. Just so everyone knows, Melissa did not write an offensive comment. :) I deleted it because it was a duplicate of her first comment. But I didn't know it would keep the outline of the comment and say, "This comment has been removed by a blog administrator." Awkward! I was just trying to help!

    2. Meredith, that is about one of the funniest things I've ever read! Thanks for the laugh :).

      I don't know why it duplicates my comments sometimes. One time it posted my comment three or four times... I went back and deleted one, but then thought it looked so ugly, I left the others there. Too bad you hadn't seen them first... Oh the mirth!

  3. My little 6 year olds are going to love this in my primary lessons ... Thomas too. One of his favorites on my iPod are the primary songs arranged by Clive Romney. What a wonderful use of the iPad with your children.

    I found one song where it was sung, and also an accompaniment only version; is that possible on all the songs?

    Thanks Merzi.

  4. Another app I just acquired is called Star Walk. We looked at the sky up at the cabin 2 weeks ago, and had the app working up there too. You can identify what is in the night sky... So Cool.

    Also one called Writing Wizard. It's pretty fun.

  5. We have and so love this app. But thtanks for spreading it bigger, Merz. This is Andrew and it's late.