Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Going Nuts

This is what I did last Friday afternoon:

Back row: chickpeas, spelt
Middle row: kefir, pumpkin seeds, almonds, walnuts
Front row: radish seeds, sourdough start, sauerkraut, sour cream

It started somewhat innocently during midday naps. I just wanted to soak some walnuts and almonds so I could dry them overnight. I'd been dying for them!

Then I remembered I had more pumpkin seeds in the freezer, so I fit them into a quart jar.

Then I remembered we were almost out of sprouted grain (which we use exclusively around here), so I scooped some spelt in a couple gallon jars.

Then I remembered how I've been wishing I had some chickpeas on hand lately, so I started them soaking in another gallon jar.

Then I remembered the new little baggie of radish seeds I recently bought from Azure, and set them a-sprouting.

Then I remembered my raw kefir was gone, so I started a new batch.

Then I remembered how much I'd been wanting to make raw sour cream (I've had a culture waiting patiently in the freezer for months!), so I started a jar of that too.

Then I remembered the green and purple cabbages that begged to be turned into sauerkraut. That project got a little long.

Since I was clearly on a roll, last of all I threw together a new sourdough start.

It took several hours, but I was relieved to have alleviated my poor bogged-down To Do List somewhat. There was much follow-up time...

...sprouting... fermenting...

Not the most representative picture,
but look closely to see the life in my sourdough.



The sour cream stayed warm overnight near a big
simmering pot of beef stock.

Eating real food done right is a big job. But it is SO WORTH WHILE!

The raw nuts and seeds are delicious. Soaking them in salt water and drying afterward has many benefits (just found this good review for you). I enjoy them so much more this way.

The raw sour cream turned out better than I could have imagined. I've already used it in homemade ranch dressing and dolloped atop some chickpea chili.

The radish sprouts are ready to be tossed into a salad or sandwich. I'll turn the sprouted chickpeas into hummus. The raw kefir will be added to smoothies or just plain milk.

The sauerkraut is indescribably complex. Addictive, really. Keenan says it "has the invigorating flavor of pure health. Its salty crispiness makes it fun to eat."

Sometimes things pile up and up, until one day, you just have to GO NUTS!


  1. You are one motivated mama. And motivating! I have a few such projects that have been waiting on me for weeks now. I should just roll up my sleeves and do them all at once!

    You should do a post about your raw kefir --- how you make yours and how you use it.

    What a beautiful array of mason jars. One day I shall write an ode to mason jars.

  2. Go Nonie!! I wish I was that ambitious. Yum! -Megan

  3. So inspiring!! I did some few projects like this the other day. It always feels so nice to see all those jars with their magic working inside of them.

    Sadly, we are out of nuts... I'm currently sprouting some lentils for traditional Indian samosas, though. Yum yum yum

    You are amazing!

  4. Hey, where did you get your gallon jars, by the way?

  5. Replies
    1. Yes! My fee is just one airline ticket to DC please (or maybe 4...). :)

  6. There's nothing like having Nonie around the house ... she walks in the door and gets wheat sprouting for me; I still am excited to use the whey in my fridge that she couldn't resist preparing for me... Nonie your motivation and skill in the art of food preparation is a wonder to behold!

    Come again soon, please darlin'.

  7. Amazing! I need to go back through previous posts and see if I've missed any on sourdough and sprouting.