Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cutting Onions (for sensitive eyes only)

One day I was rummaging through a kitchen cupboard in my Bruxelles apartment, and found a little French book of cooking tips. As I briefly leafed through, this gem shot off the page:

If you cut onions under cold running water, they won't sting your eyes!

True fact.

We go through a lot of onions around here, and I have very sensitive eyes. A sad combination, to be sure. When I don't apply this gem of knowledge, I look quite distraught each time I cut an onion.

Just balance your cutting board on the sink divider, or place it atop a pot in one side, and trickle a little cold water from the faucet over the onion as you cut. It's an eye-saver!

If the balancing act doesn't work for you, simply rinse the onion in cold water after peeling and again after cutting in half. Works nearly as well.

Enjoy cutting onions as never before (and enjoy this little song while you do)!


  1. Great tip. And I love the song!

  2. I don't really have a problem cutting onions, but I'll be passing this tip on to all I know!

  3. My onions and I... have shared many a sentimental moment together. How many nights has Cameron chanced upon the kitchen, only to find me cradling onion bits in one hand, and half an onion in the other, pouring out my tears over their tender pieces.

    He stops behind me, and places a comforting hand on my shoulder.

    I reach up to touch him, forgetting that my hand is immersed in onion juice.

    We cry together.

  4. Oh Merzi, I can't believe you can make poetry about crying onions.... what a gift!

    Do any of the other wives' tales really work? Like biting on a match? Or is it holding a lighted match? sounds risky...

  5. I loved that cookbook! Did you see the 5-page table showing the optimal seasons to buy, eat, and store veggies, fruits, meats, and fish? I copied them and still reference them all the time-adjusted for Utah of course :) Love the onion tip, too!