Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Diapering When You Can't do Cloth

I currently live in an apartment setting where we only do our laundry once every other week. My husband and I would love to use cloth diapers for our son, but I just can't bring myself to use them knowing they will be hanging out in my room, until laundry day...

This post is about our earth-friendly alternative, and how we save money in the process thanks to and my good friend Mia.

Step 1:
Google Amazon mom, and join. This avails you of certain deals and free shipping if you purchase a certain amount every month. It's easy to hit that amount every month when you are purchasing diapers!

Step 2:
Search out earth friendly diaper brands such as Seventh Generation, or Earth's Best. These are the main brands I'm familiar with, and I know you can purchase these on Amazon. Both of these brands are non-chlorinated, and have excellent reviews. They also come in completely recyclable packaging.

Step 3:
When you find the brand of diapers you want, instead of hitting the "Buy new" link, go to the "subscribe and save" link. When you sign up for this service they send a monthly/bimonthly, or however often you want, shipment of diapers to your door; you choose how many packages you want to receive. Additionally, as the name suggests, you get a discount for buying them this way, and if you've signed up for amazon mom, you also get free shipping.

Amazon sends you email reminders a few days before they ship your diapers to you, so if the time comes for a shipment of diapers and you aren't ready for it, you can log into your Amazon account and skip your coming shipment. Likewise, you can order extra in between if you're running low.

Both of the mentioned brands also sell wipes on Amazon under the subscribe and save banner.


  1. The Amazon "subscribe and save" discounts are so awesome!

    Nature Babycare is another brand you might like. I've become a little disenchanted with Seventh Generation ever since I learned they dye (yes, dye!) their diapers brown to give them a more earthy look. (You can google that... it's for real.)

  2. Yay for more resources! Thanks Lissa. It's nice to know I can go with disposable diapers sometimes without an all-out compromise.

    We use Seventh Generation TP (they thankfully don't dye it brown though). I should research that a bit more before restocking.

  3. Wow, Nonie, thanks for that info! I looked on the seventh generation packaging, and it confirms what you have said. I don't know why they would do that. It just seems silly to me. Thanks for hat other diaper option, though. I'll be looking into it.