Wednesday, February 5, 2014

CO & Potato Printing

You may remember that for this year we are going through the values of "charity." Do you remember the first one for January?  "Long Suffering."  Yeah, we should have given a second thought before praying as a family to be more long suffering.
We passed around the stomach flu, had the coldest month we could remember, and had a gas leak that resulted in co2 poisoning, and having our gas turned off because of a leak, taking with it our heat and hot water.
Our home was swarming with these guys late last Friday night as they tried to detect the source of the gas leak.
Our CO poisoning came from corrosion of an old gas pipe.  We don't know how long it's been leaking, but we definitely experienced most of the symptoms: headache, dizziness, weakness, nausea, vomiting, chest pain, and confusion.  Especially the confusion ;)  Having the gas turned off in January was a good crash course in preparedness.  I'm happy to say we did pretty well, and we're very grateful for a very effective wood burning stove that did the job beautifully.

But seriously--get a CO Detector!  People can go years not knowing they're being poisoned, if the leak is small.  Who knew?

Needless to say, we're very happy to be moving into February, with slightly warmer weather, slightly more light, and instead of focusing on "long suffering," we get to be "kind."  How bad can it be?
To celebrate, the littles and I made this super easy poster.  We used potatoes and a red and black ink pad, and viola!  A reminder poster.

Happy February!


  1. Scary, Ariel! We have a carbon monoxide detector, but I don't think it's plugged in. I'll make sure it is. Did your family get to wear some awesome uniforms, tanks, and masks, too??

    Cute poster! Maybes I'll cut a few potatoes like hearts and do one for Valentines. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Yes, it is a dangerous thing to pray for patience. I've stopped doing that. ;)

    Your family does endure so well with grace and good humor. I want to live with you guys, disasters and all.

  3. (It's CO. CO2 is what we exhale and plants breathe in.)

    1. Thanks! I'll fix it! (chemistry was my lowest grade in HS :S)

    2. I know the feeling!! But thanks for fixing it … and I apologize for my Grammar police coming out!! It does that sometimes!