Friday, September 27, 2013

Tea Party

My little baby, Evelyn, is turning one!  I can hardly believe it.  In honor of the occassion, she is throwing herself a tea party.  Here are the invitations, as she dictated them to me.
In case you can't read them (they were very small because they were for babies), they read:
Dear Colette,
The pleasure of your company is requested at
 A Morning Tea
In honor of my first birthday
Saturday the 28th of September
At ten o’clock
1234 Anywhere St
Silver Spring, Maryland
You may bring your mother and sister.
Evelyn Bea Marshall
Please arrive promptly, as my attention span for social gatherings is limited.
RSVP regrets to my assistant at:
The envelopes I made out of thick brown paper I had.  I did mine free-hand, but you can just carefully take apart an envelope you like and trace it on any paper to create your own custom (cheap) envelope of whatever you have on hand.
For party favors, I'm giving out these little headbands.  The small flowers are for the babies, the bigger ones are for their sisters.  The elastics were from the dollar store, and the fabric was out of some IKEA fabric I found for super cheap in the as-is section.

If the spread proves presentable, I will post a few recipes next week.


  1. I love it! Did you just print those invites on your home computer? I am excited to have a little girl one day.

  2. So cute! What fun she will have! Also, we've been listening to Pooh on CD (featuring Judy Dench of course) and it makes me laugh and think of you.

  3. So fun! Lovely little hair things. I wish I could come to the tea!