Friday, July 12, 2013

Birthday Questionnaire

It's birthday season around here!  I have seen a few different versions of "20 (Birthday) Questions," but I wanted to make my own list of questions for open-ended answers, allowing for more creativity and longer answers, rather than short fill-in-the blank questions.  
Hint from Abe--wear your party hat all day on your birthday, so everywhere you go, everyone knows its your birthday!
We got some great answers from the boys today.  Some of the questions were a little advanced for Benjamin (who's turning three), but that only makes his answers better:

"My favorite thing to learn about in school is cookies." 

"I think up a cow."

Abraham had more predictable answers, but still fun and even poignant:

"I like when I go to a fair."

"I think of scary and fun things."

You can download the document to personalize it here (it looks funny when you look at it on Google Docs, but when you download it, it looks just like this one).

You can find other examples of birthday questions here and here.

What other questions would you add to the list? What traditions do you have to mark the changes over the years with your children?


  1. This is cute, Ariel. We'll have to try this with our upcoming birthdays! I'd say it's pretty thorough, but could add something about favorite scripture story or character, maybe some funny thought the child has, and favorite color (maybe why, too)? I'm always interested to know what colors my boys are fond of at the moment. I guess the possibilities are endless, the point is to record it!


  2. Hahaha these answers are priceless. I wish I could hear Benjum's voice answering the questions. Have you thought about making a movie out of the interview? I love those boys!

  3. What a great way to keep a record of the years as they go by. I love it! Can I start over?

    Benjam. I think... up a chicken.

    I love those boys too. Love Love Love