Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer Schedule

Happy Summer!  Abe's school just finished, so we made our big summer plans!  I have always really loved summer, and I get excited about it every year.  In order to make sure we took full advantage of our time, for Family Home Evening, we made a weekly schedule, a daily schedule and a checklist!  

I had to cut the checklist off there, we could have kept going on forever! What's on your Summer Checklist? What are you including in your Daily Schedule?


  1. I love that your daily schedule focuses on the essentials--scripture study, prayer, and family meals...with some fun in between. Your children are lucky to live in such a home!

  2. I've been itchin' for some structure like this, Ariel. Thanks for the great ideas.

    Let's cover a bunch of them in Utah! :)

  3. Beautiful Ariel! I function so much better with a pre-planned time table. I think kids like the structure too, and it helps to be able to look at a list and see what fun things are ahead if you do the hard things.

    I look forward to implementing something like this when Peter is a bit bigger.

  4. I finally got to reading all these inspiring posts, now that its August. This is a great one. Thomas and I will love following these ideas, as long as the summer still lasts.

    So glad my grandchildren have such mothers. Thank you Ariel.