Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Walgreens Cycle

I know I promised an alignment post... but I didn't quite have time to throw that one together this week!  Instead, here are some quick thoughts about Walgreens.

We went to our local Walgreens a couple weeks ago to get some passport photos.  (Note that Walgreens does serve some useful purpose.  I have also used it in the past to purchase a basal thermometer for charting purposes, or to make nice big prints of photos).  While I was there I snapped the following pics:

A sampling of the sugary drinks and candies they stock in abundance.

Unstable GMO oils, anyone?

One of the many rows of candy + other sugary/oily/starchy ideas.

Wait... what's that in the background?

Oh yeah... behind all the chocolate bars, power drinks, and oily crackers, Walgreens is primarily a pharmacy.

And one last photo on the way out of the store...

Does anyone else see an endless cycle of poor health here?

Let's talk true prevention... via a toxin-free, nutrient-dense lifestyle.  If you want to avoid that pharmacy, avoid everything on the way there.

Arm yourself with vegetables!!!

Note: This is a comment on a problem in our society as a whole --- myself and my family often included.  I just picked on Walgreens because I happened to be there when I had the idea.  Pharmacies serve wonderful, crucial purposes in many peoples' lives (including mine sometimes).  And I too may sometimes partake of the "fun foods" offered there.  In this post I wanted to capture the visual irony that is reflective of the larger problem: eating low-nutrient, highly-processed and preserved foods takes a toll on health, which in turn leads us to turn to medicine that might not be necessary with appropriate preventative dietary measures.


  1. I LOVE YOU!! :) I cringe every time I see that place. Or precious babes, and teenagers eating endless candy. Sugar = hormonal imbalance.

  2. I completely saw your point about this being a comment on American culture (European pharmacies look nothing like this). And conventional grocery stores are only a step up from what you find in most of these pharmacies. I can't hardly buy anything at those places! But again, that's probably why we don't frequent the pharmacy.