Friday, November 9, 2012

Hot/Cold Packs

We've had a nasty 24 hour flu around here, so I made these Hot/Cold Packs for some people who needed a little warmth and love.  They'd also make great stocking stuffers.
They were super fast and easy to make.  I just cut out some shapes, sewed them together with rice in the middle.  For size reference, I traced a cd for the circle one.  I also sectioned off the long one so it would keep the rice evenly distributed.  These packs are great.  We'll be keeping ours in the freezer for bonks, but they can also be warmed up nicely in the microwave.  They do a pretty good job maintaining their heat/cold.
For a bonus, here's a picture of my patient baby watching me sew.  I'll be posting her birth story soon.


  1. They look cozy, Ariel! So does that baby. Big kisses from her long lost, but adoring aunt!

  2. I second Nonie's appraisal! Evelyn looks so snuggly. (I can't get over how much she looks like her aunt Abby!)

    This project looks simple enough that I might be able to take it on. I made a bunch of these, years back in Junior High, for friends' Christmas presents. They are wonderful on cold winter evenings! (Especially with a half foot of snow on the ground like we have now.) I never thought of using them a cold packs.

  3. I hope you are all feeling better. Oh that little face is too sweet! I can't wait to hear about her arrival! I still haven't written down Nora's birth story, I need to do that before I forget all the exciting details.

  4. That babe is just delicious! We really can't wait to meet her, and to see the rest of you too :)

    These are a genius idea! I was given some as a Christmas present a long time ago, and I loved them! I recently found some non-organic beans in our food storage, and I thought they'd be perfect for these. Thanks for resurrecting the idea in me!

  5. Ariel I so admire all of your skills with a needle. I am determined to learn how to sew well, myself.

    That is one gorgeous girl!

    I can't wait to read your birth story!

  6. Those are adorable. I love them too. I've used different fabrics; I think flannel works best. Its a great way to use left over pieces of fabric. And a great use of a microwave. Some people put corn (feed) in too. I like rice!

    Little Eve looks like a sweet dream; which is also what happens when you put one of these warm packs on your cold feet in bed.