Friday, September 28, 2012

Things to do when Overdue

Right now I'm about a week "late" in my pregnancy.  Although I know that a better word for a "due date" is a "guess date," and that different children need different gestational times, etc etc, it's still tough!  This little baby feels done to me, and I just cannot wait to meet her.  In order to stay positive and not spend our time just waiting around, we've been keeping busy!

Here's what we've been doing:
  • The best thing was that my lovely mom flew in on the due date.  That was fabulous, because I knew someone I knew and loved was coming on that day!  And, as mothers do, she has lifted morale, and kept us all fed and happy.
  • I cleaned a lot
  • We've gone on walks
  • We've gone to the park
  • We went to the zoo
  • We bought more baby clothes
  • I organized the boy's clothes (I found a solution to child clothes storage!  I'll share soon.)
  • I organized my freezer
  • I catalogued my spices
  • We bought overalls for the boys
  • We've been eating out (thanks to said mom :))
  • We visited Daddy at work
  • We went to a book festival
  • We've had lots of green smoothies
  • And Raspberry Leaf Tea
  • We went to the library
  • We watched movies of our boys as babies
  • We went apple picking
  • We made apple butter
  • We bought a canner and canned (and ate) the apple butter
  • We went to an appointment at the birth center, and disregarded information about how I hadn't progressed in a week
  • We had a picnic
  • Andrew and I went on a date
  • We went to the temple
Here are the natural induction practices that haven't worked for me:
  • Membrane sweeping
  • Caulophyllum Thalictroides
  • Scalini's Eggplant Parmigiana 
  • Trio's chilcken pizza: roasted garlic, caramelized onions, mushrooms and fontina cheese (we tried this for my first pregnancy)
  • Lox, onion and egg on a pumpernickel bagel (There was no reason that this should particularly induce labor, except we thought it would be a nice way to try)
  • Long walks
  • Aerobic cleaning
I think pretty soon here I'm going to try Castor Oil.  Anyone have experience with it, good or bad?  What do you do when you're "late"?


  1. Oh my that site about the eggplant parmigiana is really funny! Sorry it didn't work. :(

    I'm sure staying busy is both the best way to abide a late baby, and the best way to get her to come!

    Love, prayers, smiles, hugs from afar.

  2. Google the miles circuit. It put me into labor within 15 hours. Good luck honey!

  3. When I was a week "late" with Claire I really wanted to try Scalini's eggplant because I live so close to Scalini's here in Georgia but it was during Atlanta's crazy and rare ice storm of January 2011 so we couldn't get there because we were iced in. I had figured if it worked we'd have a fun story to tell. If it didn't work, hey at least I had a hot meal out. So it would have been a win win either way. Darn ice storm!

    I too pretty much tried everything... except castor oil. I've heard too many unpleasant things about that method that it wasn't worth it to me.

    I hope your little girl arrives sooner rather than later!

  4. You've done more things in your last week of pregnancy than I've done in a whole trimester! :)

    I've heard bad things about castor oil. Mostly gross stories, with no baby showing up anyway.

    With my first pregnancy, I ate spicy food at PF Changs and went into labor that night at 3am. It may not have been the cause of labor, but I'll credit it!

  5. My older sister always recommends going on a walk somewhere with curbs, and walk with one foot on the curb, and the other foot off. It does start waves, can't say how strong they'll be.

    I've also heard good things about Evening Primrose Oil. It is a little controversial, maybe not recommended to use it for extended amounts of time, because it is an estrogenic herb. It's a strong, natural prostoglandin, though, which is super helpful when wanting labor to begin.

    You're doing great things, Ariel! Love you, Lady!

  6. My midwife swears by castor oil, but she said it has to be done in very small amounts to avoid the negative side effects you hear about. I don't know the secret to her recipe because I didn't need it myself. Do some research online. My guess is that in tiny amounts, at regular intervals, you'd feel some action.

    I've been thinking of you today, and feeling excited to know when that little miracle will be joining us.

  7. Hi Ariel, the thing that got Vivi moving was blue and black cohosh. If you remember, Katrina used it too. It kind of gets things moving like a freight train though, so I wouldn't recommend it unless you have a really good reason (other than impatience:). I did lots of walking too. We went up and down those stairs in Memory Grove Park every night, and it make things start happening, but it always died down once we got home. Good luck and hang in there! I'm so glad your mom's with you.

  8. I finally get here AFTER your beauty is born. Congratulations on making the most of those last lovely days, Ariel. Can't wait to see what you've done with your boys' clothes. I've thought about doing a post on that myself.

    I almost took castor oil to get Sammy going (since we had to move to CA the next week!), but I went into labor the night before. Maybe my body was avoiding it. I've heard others swear by it though.

    It's the full moon that got you in the end. :)