Friday, July 27, 2012


Although oatmeal is usually the healthy choice for breakfast, sometimes it's just hard to switch from cold cereal.  It's so fast, and so yummy!  And on hot days like today, I really don't feel like heating up the kitchen first thing in the morning.  So, for the summer months, we take a break from our breakfast oatmeal, and eat a lot of muesli!
It's really a simple recipe.  Are you ready?



1 part oats
1 part bran flakes or fiber cereal
Anything else!  (Optional)


Mix well, and enjoy with your favorite milk or yogurt!
I added to this recipe raisins, dried apricots, dates, toasted flax seeds, raw pepitas (pumpkin seeds), raw sunflower seeds, cinnamon, raw sesame seeds.  I'm sure you could add some kind of sweetner, but I've never needed it with all the dried fruit.
In other Marshall Food News, I made my first mussels!  It was really fun.  I have lots of fun memories of my family eating mussels when we lived in Maryland, and I was excited to introduce my own family to the tradition.  I used this recipe, substituting apple juice for the wine. I learned a lot, and thought it was delicious, almost as good as Mom's!


  1. Muesli is also really good in yogurt instead of milk. Personally, I like it in plain Greek yogurt, but my kids like it more in a sweeter yogurt.

  2. How very European of you, Ariel!

    By the end of my mission, I was eating muesli every morning in plain yogurt with fresh fruit. I came home looking for it in stores and couldn't find it (at least where I was looking at the time... I have since)! I would describe it to workers and be led to granola. Seems the muesli we found so easily in France and Belgium was always unsweetened. Your pre-mixed muesli is very pretty in that blue bowl.

    Speaking of Belgium, mussels is one of their trademark dishes. Last fall, we had Belgium night at our house and I made endives, mussels, and real Belgian fries. I think this was the recipe I used: (traditional Belgian preparation). This site also has a fantastic homemade Belgian fries recipe (a far cry in goodness from french fries). We may have used olive oil at the time, but if I do it again, I'd try coconut oil since it's more stable at high temperatures. Oooh, I want it all right now.

    1. I use coconut oil to make fries occasionally. They are delicious, and a cast iron pan is a great pan for cooking them in!!

  3. Your muesli looks delicious! I made homemade granola for my first time this week, and something went very wrong. Not sure what yet. :( Try try again!