Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Garbage Lady

The other day as I was sitting on my couch, I looked out the window to see an older woman walking down the sidewalk with a grocery bag full of garbage. She had a little pincer device, and was busy cleaning up the sidewalk as she went along! What a great idea!

When I was in college I would pick up trash as I was walking, but somewhere along the line I lost that -- though, I do still feel guilty when I pass it by.

This wonderful lady's example has filled me with a new resolve: When ever I go walking I too will take a grocery bag with me and fill it with the trash that I see. What a great example she was, and she wasn't even trying! What a great example this will be to my children.


  1. i remember you doing this in college. it made me want to do it too. you're so cool.

  2. I've read that people are actually less likely to pick up trash on the street if they think no one can see them. Isn't that interesting? I have found that that's true with me, too. Two days ago it was warm enough for our car windows to be down. Ben was holding an empty water bottle out the window, and before I could do anything to stop him, he had dropped it outside. I was so glad to have the opportunity to teach my young children about littering, and turn around and pick up the water bottle!

  3. What a great goal! I used to do this a lot more than I do now as well --- especially when in the wilderness. I should pay more attention to the city streets too.

  4. Timely post, Melissa. I've been wanting to go on a trash excursion with Sammy, but maybe we should just make it a regular habit.